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Ross Crawford


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Welcome to the website of Ross Crawford.

Ross was born and raised in New Paltz, NY - an early American German-Dutch settlement in the historic Hudson Valley by a schoolteacher mother and a hard working, blue-collar father.

The great-grandson of one of the founders of the YMCA, Charles Kellogg Ober, Ross shares an odd parallel in his life with his illustrious ancestor who wrote a book about survival called “Out of the Fog: A Story of the Sea” – a tale of eight days afloat at sea off the Newfoundland coast as a young man.

Like his forefather, Ross has survived challenges. At the age of eleven he and his two sisters lost their mother to a drunk driver. This tragedy led to several events in his family’s history that many families and individuals don’t encounter and these events are the seeds that fueled the strong emotion Ross pours into his songs.

In 2014 the Dutch label Sound2kill4 heard the beauty and passion in his songs and they signed Ross, teaming with him as an Artist, producer and film music composer.

Ross’s debut song, released in August of 2014, “I Walk Alone” featuring Aja and rapper J.B. Grimes, tells the heartwarming story of survival and hopefulness in an urban environment.

Next to this beautiful arrangement is a Remix version by Italian Top D.J. Mirko B. and the two songs are available in both shops.

The song “Feel The World” is presented in the beautiful voice of Jamie Stone and tells the tale of seeking forgiveness in an unforgiving world and the slow process of realizing the consequences of actions.

Coming to you in May, 2015 the Debut EP “Lost and Found“ contains the three great tracks, “Fame”, “Let You Go” and the Happy Trap version of “Feel The World.” These three songs, brought to you by Sound2kill4 and Billberg Entertainment, demo what’s yet to come from this great Artist


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